Mike Yard

Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ
BS: Northern Arizona University
PhD: Northern Arizona University


Mike was a postdoctoral researcher through ISU in 2007-2008 and worked on a collaborative project aimed at linking whole-system carbon cycling to quantitative food webs in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. He is a research scientist with the USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center in Flagstaff, AZ.

Selected Publications

Cross, W. F., C. V. Baxter, E. J. Rosi-Marshall, R. O. Hall, Jr., T. A. Kennedy, K. C. Donner, S.E.Z. Seegert, H. A. W. Kelly, M.D. Yard, and K.E. Behn. 2013. Foodweb dynamics in a large river discontinuum. Ecological Monographs 83:311-337.

Yard, M.D., L.G. Coggins, C.V. Baxter, G.E. Bennett, and J.T. Korman. 2011. Trout piscivory in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon: Effects of turbidity, temperature, and fish prey availability. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 140:471486.

Yard, M.D. and L.G. Coggins. 2009. Predator prey interactions: Nonnative trout predation on native fishes in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon. Proceedings of the Colorado River Basin Science and Resource Management Symposium.

Yard, M.D., G.E. Bennett, S.N. Mietz, L.G. Coggins, L.E. Stevens, S. Hueftle, and D.W. Blinn. 2005. Influence of topographic complexity on solar insolation estimates for the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, AZ. Ecological Modeling 183:157-172.