Amanda Rugenski

Hometown: Canton, Michigan
BS: Idaho State University
MS: Idaho State University, 2006


Amanda completed her M.S. in the Stream Ecology Center under Dr. Minshall in 2006, finished her Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University in 2013, and is presently a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University. After her M.S. studies at ISU, she worked with Drs. Inouye and Baxter on their NSF-EPSCoR study of watershed carbon and nutrient dynamics. She became interested in stream ecology while working in the Stream Ecology Center as an undergraduate. She completed an independent project titled "Leaf Decomposition in Five Southeastern Idaho Streams." Her Master's research was a study of nutrient dynamics and stream-riparian ecosystem function via a large-scale field experiment using riparian/stream fertilization labeled with an enriched 15N tracer. This was collaborative project between ISU, the University of Idaho, and Boise Cascade. During her Master's, she worked on numerous additional research projects, including studies of the effects of wildfire on Idaho Wilderness streams, and monitoring of the endangered Bruneau Hot Spring snail.

Selected Publications

Rugenski, A. T., and G. W. Minshall. 2014. Climate-moderated responses to wildfire by macroinvertebrates and basal food resources in montane wilderness streams. Ecosphere 5(3):25.

Rugenski, A.T., A.M. Marcarelli, H.A. Bechtold, R.S. Inouye. 2008. Effects of temperature and concentration on nutrient release rates from nutrient diffusing substrate. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 27:52-57.

Kohler, A.E., A.T. Rugenski, and D. Taki. 2008. Stream food web responses to a salmon carcass analog addition in two central Idaho, U.S.A. streams. Freshwater Biology 53:446-460.

Rugenski, A.T. 2006. M.S. Thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University.

Minshall, G.W and A.T. Rugenski. 2006. Riparian processes and interactions. In Methods in Stream Ecology. Editors. R. Hauer and G. Lamberti.