Joe Benjamin

Link to Joe's USGS web page

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho
BS & MS: Boise State University, Idaho

PhD: Idaho State University, 2010


Joe completed his doctorate in 2010 with Dr. Colden Baxter in collaboration with Dr. Kurt Fausch at Colorado State University, and he is now a research scientist with USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center in Boise, Idaho. He received his M.S. in Biology at Boise State University. His Master’s project investigated factors influencing the presence of nonnative brook trout. His doctoral research combined his interests of nonnative species with community ecology and ecosystem processes by comparing the direct and indirect effects of brook trout on aquatic-terrestrial linked food webs to those exhibited by native cutthroat trout. To accomplish this, he used a combination of field experiments and multi-scale comparative studies. The results of this research are providing managers with a better understanding of how nonnative brook trout and native cutthroat trout interact with aquatic biota, identify possible indirect effects of brook trout on terrestrial organisms, and are improving understanding of the true effects of nonnative trout in general.

Selected Publications

Benjamin, J.R., F. Lepori, C.V. Baxter, and K.D. Fausch. 2013. Can replacement of native by non-native trout alter stream-riparian food webs? Freshwater Biology 58:1694–1709.

Lepori, F., J.R. Benjamin, K.D. Fausch, and C.V. Baxter. 2012. Are invasive and native trout functionally-equivalent predators? Results and lessons from a field experiment. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 22: 787–798.

Benjamin, J.R. and C.V. Baxter. 2012. Is a trout a trout? A range-wide comparison shows nonnative brook trout exhibit greater density, biomass, and production than native inland cutthroat trout. Biological Invasions 14:1865–1879.

Benjamin, J.R. K.D. Fausch, and C.V. Baxter. 2011. Species replacement by a nonnative salmonid alters ecosystem function by reducing prey subsidies that support riparian spiders. Oecologia 167(2):503-12.

Malison, R.L., J. Benjamin, and and C.V. Baxter. 2010. Measuring adult insect emergence from streams: the influence of trap placement and a comparison with benthic sampling. Journal of North American Benthological Society 29(2):647–656

Benjamin, J.R. and C.V. Baxter. 2010. Do nonnative salmonines exhibit greater density and production than the natives they replace? A comparison of nonnative brook trout to native cutthroat trout. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 139:641-651

Benjamin, J.R., J.B. Dunham, and M.R. Dare. 2007. Invasion by nonnative brook trout in Panther Creek, Idaho: roles of habitat quality, biotic resistance, and connectivity to source habitats. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 136:875-888.