Jason Jones

Hometown: Layton, Utah
BS: University of Utah

MS: Idaho State University (2008)


Jason completed his MS at ISU in 2008. Co-advised by Dr. Baxter and Dr. Chuck Peterson, he researched the factors influencing tailed frog distribution in stream networks, a collaborative project with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, Potlatch Corporation, and ISU. In his final year as a graduate student, Jason served as a NSF GK-12 Fellow, through which he taught science in a local high school. Jason worked several years as a biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and as of 2013 is Herpetologist with the Wildlife Diversity Division of the Nevada Department of Wildlife in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Jones, J.L. 2008. Rocks to riverscapes: Factors influencing Ascaphus montanus tadpole abundance at multiple spatial scales. M.S. Thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University.