J. Ryan Bellmore

Link to Ryan's USFS web page

Hometown: Springfield, Oregon
BS: Oregon State University

PhD: Idaho State University


Ryan completed his Ph.D. in 2011 with Dr. Colden Baxter in the ISU Stream Ecology Center, and is presently an ecologist with the Us Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, Juneau Forestry Sciences Lab in Juneau, Alaska. Ryan came to Idaho after doing his B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science at Oregon State University and working as a fisheries biologist with the US Geological Survey in Klamath Falls, Oregon. His doctoral research focused on floodplain and restoration ecology in the Columbia River basin. He conducted studies in the upper Salmon River basin in central Idaho, and also the Methow River in northern Washington.

Selected Publications

Bellmore, J. R., C.V. Baxter, and P.J. Connolly. 2014. Spatial complexity reduces interaction strengths in the meta-food web of a river floodplain mosaic. Ecology 96:274283.

Bellmore, J. R. and C.V. Baxter. 2014. Effects of geomorphic process domains on the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems: a comparison of floodplain and confined river segments. River Research and Applications 30: 617630.

Bellmore, J. R., C.V. Baxter, P.J. Connolly, and K. Martens. 2013. The floodplain food web mosaic: a study of its importance to Pacific salmon and steelhead with implications for their restoration. Ecological Applications 23:189207.

Bellmore, J. R., C.V. Baxter, A. Ray, L. Denny, E. Galloway, K. Tardy. 2012. Assessing the potential for salmon recovery via floodplain restoration: A multitrophic level comparison of dredge-mined to reference segments. Environmental Management 49:734-750.