Scott Collins

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Phone: 208-282-2139

Hometown: Watton, Michigan
BS: Lake Superior State University

PhD: Idaho State University


Scott completed his Ph.D. in 2014 with Dr. Colden Baxter in the ISU Stream Ecology Center, and is presently a post-doctoral research scientist at the Illinois Natural History Survey. Scott came to Idaho after completing his undergraduate at Lake Superior State University where he majored in in Biology, minored in Chemistry and conducted reserach on the effects of salmon in streams of northern Michigan. His doctoral dissertation was entitled, "The ecological importance of subsidies from salmon to stream-riparian ecosystems: An experimental test and implications for approaches to nutrient mitigation." His studies focused on how salmon carcass additions influence stream and riparian food webs in watersheds of central Idaho, and provide a critique regarding the efficacy of artificial additions of salmon subsidies as a tool to mitigate for losses of wild salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest. His investigations also reflected general interests in the direct and indirect effects of resource subsidies in food webs, and the need to understand how spatial heterogeneity and organism characteristics mediate ecological responses to such flows of materials and organisms that connect habitats.

Selected Publications

Collins, S.F., C.V. Baxter, A.M. Marcarelli and M.S. Wipfli. 2016. Effects of experimentally added salmon subsidies on resident fishes via direct and indirect pathways. Ecosphere 7(3).

Collins, S. F., A.M. Marcarelli, C.V. Baxter, and M.S. Wipfli. 2015. A critical assessment of the ecological assumptions underpinning compensatory mitigation of salmon-derived nutrients. Environmental Management 3:571-586.

Collins, S. F. and C.V. Baxter. 2014. Heterogeneity of riparian habitats mediates responses of terrestrial arthropods to a subsidy of Pacific salmon carcasses. Ecosphere 5(11):146.

Muehlbauer, J.D., S.F. Collins, M.W. Doyle and K. Tockner. 2014. How wide is a stream? Spatial extent of the potential “stream signature” in terrestrial food webs using meta-analysis. Ecology 95:44–55.

Collins, S.F., A.H. Moerke, D.T. Chaloner, D.J. Janetski, and G.A. Lamberti. 2011. Response of dissolved nutrients and periphyton to spawning Pacific salmon in three northern Michigan streams. Journal of the North American Benthological Society: September 2011, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 831-839. doi/abs/10.1899/10-164.1