Motor Pool Vehicle Request

By obtaining a vehicle from ISU Transportation Services, the operator(s) acknowledges and will comply with Idaho State University’s Acceptable Vehicle Use Agreement and the following:

  • The University's fleet of passenger vehicles (sedan and minivans) is intended for paved surface use only. Parking in a graveled parking lot or similar and limited incidental use is acceptable.
  • The University's fleet of off-road vehicles (Suburbans and trucks) is intended for responsible use off paved roads. Off-road capable vehicles are equipped with 4-wheel drive.
  • The University's fleet of high-capacity vehicles (12-passenger vans) is intended for long-distance group travel and occasional flat gravel road use. A flat gravel road is one continually maintained by a state or county highway district and capable of handling two lanes of traffic simultaneously.

On all road types and weather conditions, the operator is responsible to ensure occupant and vehicle safety. Per University policy 2320, Transportation Services may suspend driving privileges and impose charges for cleaning and repairs if the driver exhibits poor driving behavior.

All information is required. When the form is complete click 'Submit Request'.
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Notice: If you will not be using a reserved vehicle, please cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance. You will not be reimbursed for mileage if you fail to cancel your reservation.

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