Office of the General Counsel

Risk Management

Risk Management administers the University's property and liability insurance programs designed to provide a safe environment for the campus community, as well as protect and preserve the University's assets from adverse effects of physical and financial loss. We provide the following services:

Charitable Games Guidance: Insurance:
Minors on Campus:

Idaho State University serves many minors on our campus annually.  College students, faculty, and staff interact with youth in many ways.  You may be a coach, counselor, mentor, researcher, teacher or volunteer.  Perhaps you are with an outside group, such as a school or camp that brings kids to ISU.  If you manage, participate, host or sponsor an event that involves minors on campus, or an outside organization is hosting or sponsoring an event on one of our campuses that involves minors, please refer to MINORS ON CAMPUS POLICY 10510 and provide the “EVENT ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CERTIFICATION FORM to Risk Management certifying that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure the safety of minors participating in the event.

This nine-minute video, Shine a Light by United Educators highlights the importance of child safety awareness.

Any Program or activity involving minors or volunteers working within laboratories must also follow the ISU Laboratory Safety Policy 7110 established by the Office of Research.  

Miscellaneous Agreements and Forms:
Vehicle Use and Liability:
Volunteer Policy: Waiver/Release/Consent Agreements:

These agreements are examples of various waivers/releases and should be sent to General Counsel for review before using them.

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