Website: www.dropbox.comDropbox

Brief Description:
Dropbox is a free online service that allows users to store and back up documents. It can be downloaded onto your computer desktop, android, ipad, iphone, or blackberry. Files saved in Dropbox can be accessed online or through the dropbox folder on one of the devices listed above. This way you don’t have to save a file on every device you own or email documents to yourself. Save it on one and open it on another. 

Another service Dropbox provides is sharing files with other people. This is an easy way to keep projects organized and in one place. 

Dropbox also keeps a history of files created and changes made. If you accidentally erase a file, dropbox will allow you to recover that file. Also, if you save changes to a document you decide you don't want, you can go to the history of the document, on, and retrieve the version you want.

Price: depends on how much memory you want.


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