Application Process

This page discusses how the process for applying for services or accommodations at Idaho State University works:

  1. Student self-identifies as a person with a disability, or a person who might have a disability.
  2. Student contacts Disability Services by phone ((208) 282-3599)), in person (Rendezvous 125), or online (Application Page).
  3. Student meets with Disability Services staff to determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations.
  4. Disability Services determines the appropriate action:
    • Grant accommodations: Disability Services grants services or accommodations.
    • Deny accommodations: Disability Services denies services or accommodations.
    • Require documentation: Disability Services requires documentation of disability before further action is taken.
  5. If accommodations are granted, the Student receives a letter of accommodation from Disability Services. This letter is only good for the semester for which it is granted. Students must obtain a letter each semester authorizing services or accommodations.
  6. If new or additional accommodations are necessary, the student meets with Disability Services.