Using the Disability Services Testing Room

This page discusses how to use, and the policies of, the Disability Services' testing room.

The Disability Services' testing room provides a safe, quiet environment for students with disabilities who need to take tests. It is in Rendezvous 127, next door to the main Disability Services office in 125. See your Location Page for more information

Scheduling a Test

Testing accommodation sheets must be completed and delivered to Disability Services at least two (2) days prior to exam time. Also, the test MUST be scheduled by the student with Disability Services no later than two (2) days prior to exam time. For final exams, schedule your test as soon as you find out when it is. If delay in delivery of the Testing Accommodation Sheet is expected, please contact Disability Services and the professor.

If the student does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time for a test, the test will not be administered and will be returned to the instructor.

If prompt arrival is not possible or an emergency takes place, please contact professor and Disability Services as soon as possible.

Students may not start testing at a different time than that which the instructor has indicated on the Testing Accommodation Sheet, unless prior approval of the instructor has been obtained.

If the testing date changes after submission of the Testing Accommodation Sheet, Disability Services must have instructor confirmation/approval.

Testing Room Use Policies

The following are the most relevant testing room use policies:

For more information about the academic dishonesty policy, obtain a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.

Students Using Readers

The following are the most relevant policies for students with the accommodation of a test reader:

Repeated or serious warnings may result in the student being referred to the Judicial Board. Questions about exams can be rerouted to the professor after the exam has been taken, or during the exam if the professor is easily reached.