Disc Golf Info


PDGA The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) now has over 14,000 members. In spite of its name, it is an organization for amateurs as well as professionals. The web site at www.pdga.com has lots of great stuff, including the official rules, a course directory, and lots more.

Discgolf.com Discgolf.com offers what is arguably the most complete collection links to disc golf information, if you can find your way through it.

Discsports.com Discsports.com has some interesting things like a disc golf game and a good, free scorecard image for downloading/printing.

Disc Manufacturers and Retailers

Innova Innova makes most of our favorite discs. They hold the patent on the first modern golf disc.

Discraft Discraft produces a full line of disc products. The world distance record was set by Scott Stokely using a Discraft XL driver.

Millenium Millennium makes some great discs, including the Polaris drivers and Omega putters.

Discovering The World Discovering The World, in Buena Park, CA, has been a great dealer to work with. Orders are correct, shipped quickly, and have a fixed shipping rate. They sell Innova, Millennium, Discraft, Lightning, Wham-O, Ching, and other products.

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