Rachel West

"I am thankful to the ISU MOT program for instructing me with the values and tools I needed not only to acquire my dream job, but to succeed as an Occupational Therapist."
Rachel West, OTR/L

"The education I received from the Occupational Therapy program at Idaho State University was comprehensive, individualized, and cooperative. I left feeling prepared for practice and embark on my professional career. I was not only prepared to be a therapist in a variety of settings, but I was also prepared to be leader in the among my professional peers."
Sarah Mennear, MOTR/L, Class of 2009

"My experiences with the Idaho State University Occupational Therapy program were very positive. The curriculum met my individual learning needs as it was experiential and "hands-on. The faculty drew from their rich practice experiences and provided a diverse range of information covering the wide variety of interventions and settings. Overall, I felt the program thoroughly prepared me by helping me to attain the necessary skills to be an entry level OT. I highly recommend the ISU OT program."
Heather Corbet, MOTR/L, Class of 2009

"The OT program at ISU provided me the skills and knowledge to become a competent occupational therapist. The professors are experts in their fields and were willing to help with ANYTHING in order for me to succeed. I loved the endless hands-on experiences, small classroom sizes, and relationships that formed. I started my first job working as the only occupational therapist at a hospital in a rural community, which required me to work in all acute-care, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient settings. I was confident that I could take on the challenge and be successful due to the education I received while in the OT program."
Kathryn Peet, MOTR/L, Class of 2009

Mandy Lee

"The ISU staff were true to their mission of educating rural occupational therapists. I feel that this approach is very beneficial for the current healthcare climate and our local area.

I now appreciate even more the opportunity for hands-on patient care within our coursework. This provided the opportunity to practice skills, develop confidence, and learn how to take and receive constructive feedback. The generic abilities are a unique and pivotal element within the program. These skills are crucial to becoming a true professional. We have a distinct responsibility for continuing our profession and the staff at ISU helped us understand and appreciate our role within a larger organization. The program helped me develop as an individual and professional. I value the ability to utilize evidence-based practice and understand the importance of continued education."
Mandy Lee, OTR/L

"Having grown up with a sister who had received Occupational and Physical Therapy, coupled with previous experience working with children with autism, I knew I wanted to be an Occupational Therapist. The Occupational Therapy program at Idaho State University was the answer to my professional dream. The class sizes were small, the professors were always available for questions, and the information presented was evidence-based, challenging and exciting, taught in a very hands-on fashion. I feel like I graduated with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that has allowed me to do a job that I continue to be passionate about. I will always have fond memories of my time in the ISU Occupational Therapy program."
Lacey Osgood, MOTR/L, ATP-Class of 2003


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