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One way or another, economic forces affect every individual, and thus an understanding of economics helps individuals cope with and adapt to the rapidly changing global marketplace. Most issues discussed at local, domestic, and international centers have an economic component. As our society moves through the twenty-first century, issues such as the role and the size of the government, to what extent a nation's borders remain open to the foreign sector, the trade-off between the quality of the environment and the quantity of production, and the distribution of a country's income between labor and other resources will continue to dominate the national agenda. Indeed, the technological advances of the past century, which could have alleviated problems of scarcity and the need to make difficult decisions, seem only to have exacerbated the trade-offs nations face and the competing uses for the world's limited resources.

While it is true that to be hired with the title of economist generally requires graduate study, there are ample employment opportunities for those who achieve a baccalaureate degree. An economics degree is an excellent background for careers in banking, real estate, litigation analysis, planning, government, bond trading, financial analysis, teaching and a a host of other employment opportunities. An economics background is also excellent preparation for graduate study in economics, law, business and international relations.

Program Goals

The goal of the Department of Economics is to help students prepare for a career requiring a bachelor's degree in economics and for graduate study. In order for a student to be successful in these pursuits, the following skills must be obtained:

  1. Learn how economists interpret and apply economic data to understand and predict economic events.
  2. Develop an ability to objectively and critically identify and analyze economic issues.
  3. Acquire an understanding of the theory and technical analysis required for graduate study.

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