Department of Economics

Econ 4474 - Senior Seminar

Course Objectives and Assessment

This course is required for students majoring in economics. It emphasizes student learning based upon the following course goals and outcomes.

Objective 1: To become familiar with the peer-reviewed literature in economics.


  1. Students will be able to read, write about, and discuss economic peer-reviewed journal articles.


  1. Success of students writing summaries and then presenting peer-reviewed articles in class and/or using peer-reviewed literature in their papers.

Objective 2: To analyze economic issues.


  1. Students will be able to use economic knowledge and theory to critically and objectively analyze economic issues and topics.
  2. Students will rotate in serving as discussion leaders, as well as completing writing assignments on these readings.
  3. Students will also write papers and discuss various topics, including current economic events.


  1. Students reading and discussing assigned readings as well as successful completion of writing assignments and final exams.

Objective 3: To write a research paper.


  1. Students will write a research paper using economic theory to analyze a topic of the student's choice. Some papers are theoretical, but most papers use and interpret economic data.


  1. Successful completion of the students' research papers.

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