Department of Economics

Program Requirements

The Department of Economics offers various programs of study ultimately leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Economics, or an Economics Minor. Here you can find information on the programs offered and the requirements needed to fulfill them.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Department of Economics offers programs leading to B.A. and B.S. degrees. A student may choose an option in Economic Theory, Applied Economics, or Law and Economics.

Recommended electives for economics majors are political science, finance, or mathematics depending upon the student's specific interests.

Economic Theory

This option provides a broad-based background to the many specialties within the realm of economics. It provides a comprehensive overview to those who plan to pursue graduate study in Economics. It is also appropriate as a terminal degree for those who seek a diverse background in Economics.


Plus 15 additional hours of upper-division courses in economics and 6 additional hours in advisor approved courses.

Applied Economics

This option is designed for students wishing to major in business economics, pre-law, political economy, or any other applied area approved by the student's departmental advisor.


Plus 12 additional upper-division economics credits and a personalized area of emphasis created by choosing classes in consultation with an economics advisor.

The personal area of emphasis is typically 12-15 credits and is selected by the student with prior approval from their Department of Economics faculty advisor.

Law and Economics

Economics is widely viewed as a very good major for students planning to attend law school. This option provides a clearly specific path for those planning to pursue a career in the legal professions. Students choosing this option must obtain a B.A. rather than a B.S., and must partially satisfy Objective 4 using PHIL 1103.


Plus 18 credits chosen from the following:

Plus 12 additional hours of upper-division economics courses (excluding additional Econ 4482 credits).

Economics Minor


Plus 9 additional upper-division economics credits.

All electives shall be selected by the student with prior approval from a Department of Economics faculty member.

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