Early College Program

Department of Foreign Languages, ISU

Departmental Policy on Concurrent Enrollment Adjuncts

SBOE policy states that the high school teacher who holds an MA is eligible for consideration by Idaho colleges and universities in the field in which the degree is held.

High school teachers with the MA in a foreign language will be allowed to teach courses in that language at their high school as adjuncts in the Department of Foreign Languages under the following conditions.

  1. Adjunct status is awarded on an annual basis.
  2. Application materials including a letter of application, a vita, and a complete syllabus must be submitted by April 1 for consideration to teach in the fall semester and by November 1 for consideration for the spring semester.
  3. All ECP courses must use the text(s) currently in use in the corresponding ISU course.
  4. Course syllabi must be based on templates provided for each course by the Department of Foreign Languages. The final draft must be approved by the Department Chair or the liaison.
  5. Midterm and final exams must be approved by the ISU Department of Foreign Languages Department Chair or the liaison.
  6. A compensated representative of the department will make a minimum of two visits per semester to observe each class and will review at least one set of graded papers. The departmental representative will write an evaluative report to the chair of the department based on the observations made on each visit.
  7. The adjunct faculty member will make use of the evaluation forms provided by the department at the end of the semester.
  8. Teaching evaluations and observation reports will be used in the decision for reappointment.
  9. ECP courses will be offered only in third and fourth year high school language classes to students with junior or senior standing.