Dr. Gina M. Davis – ISU Student Health Center Pharmacist

1. In 10 words or less…. What exactly do you do?
Fill prescriptions, check for drug and allergy interactions, counsel patients, and be a resource for other health professionals.

2. Why did you choose this health profession?
I think the medications mechanism of action is very interesting and it is great to help patients feel better.

3. What do you find most rewarding about your health profession?
Constantly learning new information

4. Does require a lot of college to become a Pharmacist?
Usually three years pre-pharmacy, then 4 years in the pharmacy program, then you can consider a residency.

5. What was the best part of your college experience(s)?
Meeting people and making friends that were studying in the same program.

6. What has been your most memorable case/patient as a Pharmacist?
Stevens-Johnson syndrome caused by medication

7. Is there any advice you would give someone thinking about becoming a Pharmacist?
There are many different jobs that you can have when you have a Pharmacy degree so explore all of your options.

8. What can students do now to start preparing to enter into the Health Profession world?
Volunteer or work at a pharmacy

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