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Complaint Resolution

Idaho State University is committed to providing a quality educational experience for students. If you have concerns regarding your courses or program, administrative operations or processes, or other aspects of your experience with the institution, there are procedures to follow when bringing a complaint forward. As an ISU student you are subject to the provisions of the ISU Student Handbook. Always refer to the Handbook for specific rules and procedures that may govern your situation.

As a general rule, to resolve a complaint a student should meet with the following persons, in the following order: the person or persons most directly involved, typically the faculty member; the department chair; and the college dean. Depending on the matter at issue, there may also be a right of appeal to an institutional board or committee after efforts have been made to address the issues on the program, department, and college levels. 

After first exhausting the complaint/grievance resolution procedures at the university level, a student may contact the Idaho State Board of Education, ISU’s governing body, to request review of a final institutional decision relating to a complaint or grievance. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, ISU’s accrediting body, may also be contacted regarding a student concern. However, this avenue is available only if the matter is substantially documented and directly related to the Commission’s standards and policies governing the university. Students attending ISU, but residing in another state, can obtain contact information for their state’s complaint process, if the concern is not resolved following the process described above. ISU students who are veterans or members of the military may also refer to MilitaryOneSource (www.militaryonesource.mil/voluntary-education?content_id=274604).  MilitaryOneSource can also be reached, toll-free, at (800) 342-9647.

See the following list of State Authorization Agencies and Lead Contacts for student complaints:


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