Department of English and Philosophy


The MA in English

The MA is a two-year program that provides intensive training for students who want further background in English, including those who aim to teach at the secondary level or want to prepare for a doctoral program. The degree focuses on literature and students are encouraged as well to take related seminar offerings in the teaching of English, including Teaching Writing, Teaching Literature, Teaching Business and Professional Writing, and TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages). Financial aid is available to students in the form of Teaching Assistantships (TAs). A highlight of our MA program is our mentoring for MA TAs. We offer unparalleled training for new college-level teachers. In the first semester, students complete a seminar in the theory and practice of composition studies and shadow a graduate faculty member in a composition course. From the second semester on, TAs teach their own classes with routine supervision and feedback from graduate faculty. 

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