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Professional Writing Track

The Professional Writing program concentrates on technical and business writing, creative writing, media and writing opportunities, a survey of British and American literature, and genre studies. Professional writing students build a foundation and skills in writing documents for a variety of audiences, master language and writing skills, and enhance critical and analytical thinking skills.

Professional writing students get the opportunity to complete a 75-hour internship, which allows them to get experience in their area of interest.

Our professors have worked as professional or technical writers in a variety of industries in the professional world. They bring real-world experience and knowledge into the classrooms to teach students.

A minor in a discipline relevant to the student's interests is encouraged. A student with this degree could be looking for a career in technical writing, communication, media, journalism, editing, design, public relations, or as a writer. Alumni from our undergraduate program have held positions as journalists, graphic designers, editors, authors, and web content managers.

Degree Requirements

Professional and Technical Writing majors need to complete all General Education requirements set forth by the university. The General Education requirements can be found here.

In addition to completing the General Education requirements, Professional and Technical Writing majors are required to complete 45 credits within the Department of English and Philosophy related to their area of emphasis. The courses students are required to take for their emphasis are listed below. Students are able to pick from a variety of different disciplines and genres for the Writing & Media, Literature, and Culture & Language Studies components.

Click here to download the English – Professional Writing Option Requirement Worksheet for your records.

Required Courses

  • ENGL 2211 – Introduction to Literary Analysis (3 cr.)

  • ENGL 2280 – Grammar and Usage (3 cr.)
    ENGL 2281 – Introduction to Language Studies (3 cr.)

  • ENGL 3311 – Writing and Research About Literature (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3307 – Professional and Technical Writing (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3308 – Business Communication (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3311 – Writing and Research About Literature (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4410 – Writing Internship (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4491 – Senior Seminar in Professional Writing (3 cr.)
  • PHIL 2201 – Introduction to Logic (3 cr.)

Writing and Media Component

ONE of the following: (Creative Writing)

  • ENGL 2206 – Introduction to Creative Writing (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3306 – Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4406 – Advanced Creative Writing Workshop (3 cr.)

THREE of the following: (Writing, Communication, and Media)

  • CIS 1120 – Interactive Web Development (3 cr.)

  • CMP 2231 – Introduction to Graphic Design (3 cr.)
    CMP4406 – Advanced Issues in Graphic Design (3 cr.)

  • CMP2251 – Introduction to Photography (3 cr.)
    CMP 4457 – Advanced Photography (3 cr.)

  • CMP 4485 – Classical Rhetorical Theory (4 cr.)
  • ENGL 4401 – Advanced Composition and Prose Analysis (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4407 – Topics in Professional Writing (3 cr.)

Literature Component

ONE of the following: (Survey Courses)

  • ENGL 2267 – Survey of British Literature I (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 2268 – Survey of British Literature II (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 2277 – Survey of American Literature I (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 2278 – Survey of American Literature II (3 cr.)

ONE of the following: (Genre Studies Courses)

  • ENGL 3321 – Genre Studies in Drama (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3322 – Genre Studies in Poetry (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3323 – Genre Studies in Prose Fiction (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 3324 – Genre Studies in Prose Non-Fiction (3 cr.)

Culture and Language Studies Component

ONE of the following:

  • ANTH/ENGL 2212 – Introduction to Folklore/Oral Tradition (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4480 – Varieties of American English (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4481 – Studies in Grammar (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4484 – Special Topics in Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4485 – Linguistic Analysis (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4487 – History of the English Language (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4488 – Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 cr.)
  • ENGL 4490 – Topics in Folklore (3 cr.)

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Students who are interested in this track are encouraged to meet with one of our Professional Writing faculty to map out a course of study that meets their interests and goals.

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