Department of English and Philosophy



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Jennifer AtteberyDr. Jennifer Eastman Attebery
Department Chair

Office: LA 262      208-282-2478

Russell WahlDr. Russell Wahl
Director of Philosophy and Department Vice Chair

Office: LA 253      208-282-2392

Brian AtteberyDr. Brian Attebery
Director of Graduate Studies in English

Office: LA 239      208-282-2895

TomKleinDr. Tom Klein
Director of Undergraduate Studies in English

Office: LA 242      208-282-2893

Lydia WilkesDr. Lydia Wilkes
Director of Composition

Office: LA 235     208-282-2531


Office Staff
Amanda ChristensenAmanda Christensen
Administrative Assistant I

Office: LA 262     208-282-2478

Devin MorseDevin Morse
Graduate Programs Office Specialist II

Office: LA 238     208-282-4294




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