Department of English and Philosophy


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* denotes graduate faculty

ISU English and PhilosophyChing-E (Nobel) Ang, Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy (2009), University of Florida
Specialties: • Ethical Theory • Meta-ethics • Moral Psychology
Office: LA 246     208-282-3811

Ralph BaergenRalph Baergen,* Professor of Philosophy; Chair, Human Subjects Committee

PhD in Philosophy (1990), Syracuse University; M.P.H. (2008), Idaho State University
Specialties: • Medical Ethics • Healthcare Policy • Epistemology
Office: LA 247     208-282-3371

Jacob BergerJacob Berger,* Assistant Professor of Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy (2013), The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Specialties: • Philosophy of Mind • Philosophy of Psychology • Cognitive Science
Office: LA 250     208-282-2345

Carl LevensonCarl Levenson,* Professor of Philosophy

PhD in Social Thought (1980), University of Chicago
Specialties: • Ancient Philosophy: Plato • Continental Philosophy: Existentialism • Philosophy and Literature • Philosophy and Depth Psychology • Philosophy of Religion

ISU English and PhilosophyWilliam McCurdy, Associate Lecturer in Philosophy

MA in Philosophy (1985), University of Hawaii at Manoa
Office: LA 249     208-282-4564

Melissa NortonMelissa Norton, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

MA in Philosophy (1985), The Claremont Graduate School
Specialties: • Ancient Philosophy: Plato
• Early Modern Philosophy: Hume • Analytic Philosophy: Wittgenstein

Office: LA 245     208-282-2274

ISU English and PhilosophyEvan Rodriguez, Visiting Assistant Professor in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy and Classics (2016), Yale University
Specialties: • Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
• Early Modern Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic

Office: LA 251     208-282-4661

James SkidmoreJames Skidmore* Associate Professor of Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy (2000), University of Minnesota
Specialties: • Ethics • Political Philosophy
Office: LA 252     208-282-3160

Russell WahlRussell Wahl,* Director and Professor of Philosophy, Department Vice Chair

PhD in Philosophy (1982), Indiana University
Specialties: • Logic • Philosophy of Science • Early Modern Philosophy
Office: LA 253     208-282-2392



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