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Philosophy — Pre-Law Emphasis

The Philosophy — Pre-Law Emphasis will prepare the student for a continued education in the field of law or medicine. Philosophy majors consistently receive among the highest scores on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). A student competing the Philosophy — Pre-Law emphasis will learn analytical skills, the ability to present arguments in a compelling way, the ability to read texts critically, and logical thinking.

Our professors have published numerous papers, have completed extensive research, and have presented their papers and research at conferences and congresses around the world.

A student with this degree could be looking for a career as a lawyer, social worker, counselor, or professor. Alumni from our undergraduate program have held positions in law firms and in hospitality as well as in other fields.

Degree Requirements

Philosophy Pre-Law majors need to complete all General Education requirements set forth by the university. The General Education requirements can be found here.

In addition to completing the General Education requirements, Philosophy Pre-Law majors are required to complete 30 credits within the Department of English and Philosophy related to the degree. The courses students are required to take for the degree are listed below. 

Click here to download the Philosophy — Traditional Major Requirement Worksheet for your records.

Required Courses

  • PHIL 2201 – Introduction to Logic (3 cr.)
  • PHIL 3305 – History of Philosophy: Greek Reason and Christian Faith (3 cr.)
  • PHIL 3353 – Philosophy of Law(3 cr.)
  • PHIL 4450 – Ethical Theory (3 cr.)
  • PHIL 4460 – Theory of Knowledge (3 cr.)
  • PHIL 4492 – Senior Tutorial (3 cr.)

ONE of the following

  • PHIL 3355 – Political and Social Philosophy (3 cr.)
  • POLS 3313 – Introduction to Political Philosophy (3 cr.)
  • POLS 4418 – Topics in Political Theory (3 cr.)
  • POLS 4420 – Contemporary Political Theory (3 cr.)

ONE of the following

  • POLS 2249 – Introduction to Criminal Law (3 cr.)
  • POLS 4442 – Constitutional Law (3 cr.)
  • POLS 4443 – Civil Rights and Liberties (3 cr.)
  • POLS 4445 – Jurisprudence (3 cr.)

Elective Component

  • 2 additional 3-credit Philosophy courses (6 cr.)



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