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Favorite Places In and Around Pocatello, Faculty & Student Picks

We asked faculty, staff, and students in our department to describe some of their favorite places in and around Pocatello — in short, what makes this place special for them.  Here are just a few of the places they mentioned.

Old Town
Pocatello’s heart is centered around the railroad station and the classic buildings along main street.  I love the restaurants there and the Farmer’s Market which sets up on Saturdays from summer to late fall. — Thomas Klein

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The First Friday Art Walk
Pocatello's Old Town offers antique hunters and art enthusiasts a plethora of galleries and stores. Businesses stay open late in the evening once a month to host the popular First Friday Art Walk showcasing Southeast Idaho's diverse artists. Printmaking, sculpture, beadwork, weaving, painting, jewelry, as well as musical entertainment inspire hundreds of eager eyes and ears of all ages.
Penelope Reedy

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Piccolo Gallery h

The Piccolo Gallery in Old Town Pocatello is showcases some of the more innovative fine and craft arts from local artists. The owner, Lori Piccolo, is a nationally-known jeweler whose distinctive metal work is some of the most striking I've seen. Lori is a big supporter of the local community, opening her posh space to many community events, including some English & Philosophy Department gatherings.
Brian Norman
(photo by Syndie Allen)


The Meditation Park on Johnson Ave.

Meditation Garden and Power House DSCN0017.jpg

Pocatello's Meditation Garden hidden away on the Portneuf Riverbank off Johnson Avenue a block north of Fremont Street (by the old power plant and next to Poky Free Bikes). The oval stone edifice offers walkers a peaceful respite.
Penelope Reedy
(photo by Vitit Kantabutra)


Westside Players
iWestside Players is a nonprofit community theatre, created by volunteers from all walks of life who share one common interest: a love for drama.  “Theater on the Road,” a traveling troupe of actors and production crew, finally settled down in an unused warehouse and converted it into a dinner theatre.  Westside Players has entertained the area's residents since their first production in 1990.
Dawn Lattin
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The “Stairway to Nowhere”
The Stairway to Nowhere is located on the south end of Lincoln Avenue on Pocatello's colorful Westside. I'm told that originally the stairs led to a now defunct dance hall that overlooked the city. These days hikers use the concrete stairs for aerobic exercise resting at the top to take in a panoramic view of the city. — Penelope Reedy

Mountain Panorama, Pocatello, Idaho
(photo by Vitit Kantabutra)

Disc Golf Courses
I have a couple of places I have really enjoyed since moving to Pocatello.  Bengal Ridge (the disc-golf course up across from AMI) is quite a challenge and one of the more unique courses in the region, but if you go, take a map from the website and some good hiking boots.  For a more leisurely time, or to take the family, try the course built into upper Ross Park. — Matthew English

Scenic shot of hole 18
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Pebble Creek Ski Area
jHearkening back to a simpler day and time, Pebble Creek Ski Area is one of Pocatello’s special places. In an era of increasingly glitzy, overgroomed and overpriced resort-oriented skiing, Pebble Creek has retained the same focus on challenge and just pure skiing fun it began with in 1949. Carhaarts or Obermeyer, family fun or serious vertical, Pebble is all about the skiing, and locals will tell you “if you can ski Pebble, you can ski anywhere.” Certainly, much of its terrain is not for the faint of heart, but the honest and welcoming atmosphere make it a pretty fun place to learn to ski as well. All told, I can’t think of any place in Pocatello that I’d rather spend a crisp winter day than at Pebble Creek, making turns.
Steve Adkison

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Lava Hot Springs
Lava Hot Springs is one of Southeast Idaho’s best kept secrets.  Just 30 minutes from Pocatello, it is home of the fantastic Lava Mineral Hot Pools, not to mention the region’s best Thai restaurant. There are also several bed and breakfasts with private hot pools and massages. For the summer, the Olympic-sized swimming pool has diving platforms and water slides, and you can rent inner tubes to float down the Portneuf River. — Rachel Warwick

Lava Hot Springs Famous Hot Pools
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