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Current Graduate Faculty Books

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  • Lawyers at Play

    Winston, Jessica.
    Lawyers at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558-1581. Oxford University Press, 2016.

  • PRSM

    Attebery, Jennifer.
    Pole Raising and Speech Making: Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration. Ritual, Festival, and Celebration series, ed. Jack Santino. Utah State University Press, 2015.

  • Stories about Stories

    Attebery, Brian. Stories about Stories: Fantasy and the Remaking of Myth. Oxford University Press, 2014.

  • Literary Studies

    Johnson, Margaret and Pugh, Tison. Literary Studies: A Practical Guide. Routledge, 2014.

  • MLNHurst

    Hurst, Bethany Schultz.
    Miss Lost Nation. Ahinga Press, 2014.

  • Parabolas of Science Fiction

    Attebery, Brian, and Hollinger, Veronica, editors. Parabolas of Science Fiction. Wesleyan, 2013.

  • Elizabethan Seneca

    Winston, Jessica, and Ker, James, editors.
    Elizabethan Seneca: Three Tragedies. Modern Humanities Research Association, 2012.

  • Out of Bounds

    Johnson, Alan.
    Out of Bounds: Anglo-Indian Literature and the Geography of Displacement. University of Hawaii Press, 2011.

  • Mark Twain's Travel Literature

    Hellwig, Harold H.
    Mark Twain's Travel Literature: The Odyssey of a Mind. McFarland, 2008.

  • Up in the Rocky Mountains

    Attebery, Jennifer.
    Up in the Rocky Mountains: Writing the Swedish Immigrant Experience. University of Minnesota Press, 2007.

  • An Historical Dictionary of Epistemology

    Baergen, Ralph.
    An Historical Dictionary of Epistemology. Scarecrow Press, 2006.

  • Decoding Gender

    Attebery, Brian.
    Decoding Gender in Science Fiction. Routledge, 2002.

  • Building with Logs

    Attebery, Jennifer.
    Building with Logs: Western Log Construction in Context.
    University of Idaho Press, 1998.

  • The Norton Book of Science Fiction

    Attebery, Brian, and Le Guin, Ursula K., editors. The Norton Book of Science Fiction. Norton, 1993.

  • Strategies of Fantasy

    Attebery, Brian.
    Strategies of Fantasy. Indiana University Press, 1992.

  • Building Idaho

    Attebery, Jennifer. Building Idaho: An Architectural History. University of Idaho Press, 1991.

  • Fantasy Tradition

    Attebery, Brian. The Fantasy Tradition in American Literature: From Irving to Le Guin. Indiana University Press, 1980.




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