Admission Requirements

Students should hear from the Admissions Office approximately 2 weeks following receipt of their application to Idaho State University. Those who are undecided about a major and those requiring academic assistance are assigned an advisor from the Academic Advising Center.

Students submitting an application for admission to Idaho State University indicate an intent to major in a specific academic program. Acceptance to the university does not mean acceptance into the student's major program. Many departments have admission requirements that must be met prior to the student's formal acceptance into a declared major. Students are encouraged to contact academic departments early to learn about admission requirements into specific programs.

NOTE: It is critical that students submit necessary admission documents early so they may be cleared to pre-register. Pre-registration programs are held in early spring for accepted students. Those submitting application materials late cannot be assured of registration for the current semester.

Regular Admission

Students meeting requirements for regular admission may be admitted to one of two levels under this category according to the student's predicted ISU grade point average (GPA) which is based on a weighted combination of the core subject high school grade point average and ACT Composite Score or SAT (Verbal + Math) total score. Students over 21 years of age are exempt from taking the ACT or SAT.

New Freshmen — GED

All GED students must submit the following:

New Freshmen — STUDY AT HOME

Students who have been educated through a home school or correspondence based program of study should complete the GED and are subject to the above admission requirements. Students may also be considered for admission through an alternate means to the GED based on exemplary ACT/SAT scores and one additional standardized test score such as Compass, CPT, etc .college level curriculum.

Transfer Students

A transfer student is a student who has been enrolled and received grades at any college or university prior to being admitted to Idaho State University. Students who fit this definition but who are transferring fewer than 14 academic credits from other institutions to ISU are subject to the admission requirements for new freshmen students.