Residency Forms

To establish residency you must live in the state for 12 consecutive months, without the purpose of going to school full time. For more details regarding residency, contact the office of Admissions at 208-282-2475.

There are Non-Resident Tuition Waivers that are available to students from the Scholarship Office. Waivers can be based on current GPA, State of Residency, and your program of study. Contact the Scholarship office at 208-282-3315.

There are some waivers that individual departments offer as well. However if a person does get a waiver, the time spent living in Idaho while receiving the waiver does not apply to establishing residency.

Idaho Residency Law

Idaho State Board of Education Residency Rule

Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet - Please complete the worksheet, attach the necessary documentation, and have the worksheet notarized. Return to the Office of the Registrar located on the 3rd floor of the museum building attached to the student union.

If you are requesting that ISU certify your Idaho residency for application to the University of Utah Medical School, please complete the Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet, but write “For University of Utah Medical School” across the top of the form.