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Financial Advisor Channel

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The Financial Advisor Channel allows you to graphically track budget and expense information.

Here's how —

When you first go to your Finance tab in BengalWeb, your Financial Advisor Channel will probably look like this:

Blank Financial Advisor Channel

  1. Click on the "pencil" icon in the upper right-hand corner to edit the channel. You'll be able select accounts to monitor and change the colors of your bar chart.

  2. Editing Financial Advisor Preferences
  3. Click on the down arrow next to Adjusted Budget Color to select a color for display of your Adjusted Budgets.

  4. Click on the down arrown next to YTD Activity / Commitments to select a color for display of your YTD Activity.

  5. Fill in information for up to five accounts (or as many as you have access to, if less).

    : 9 (This is always the same. It designates the ISU Chart of Accounts.)

    Fund/Orgn: Easily find the Fund/Org Code combinations that correspond to your Index Codes by going to the Look Up Index Codes & FOP's tool. Select "Enter old ISU Account Number to find equivalent new Index Code." The corresponding Fund/Org/Program Codes will be displayed along with your Index.

  6. At the bottom of the channel, click Apply to save your changes, and then click Back. Your information is displayed:

Financial Advisor Channel with Information Displayed

If you wish to see information for more than five Fund/Org combinations (provided you have access to more than five accounts), simply add another copy of the Financial Advisor channel to your layout. Follow the instructions for Adding a New Channel found in the "Customize Your View" section of this guide.

When you click on one of the numbers in your Legend (1-5) for which you've entered Fund/Org information, you will be taken to a preconfigured "Budget Status by Account" query that will display detailed budget and YTD activity information. To learn more about performing budget queries, refer to the instructions for using the Financial Information Channel found in this guide.


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