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Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Center History

The College of Technology at Idaho State University along with it's operating and proposal partners have established the Energy Systems Technology and Education Center (ESTEC) on the Idaho State University campus in Pocatello, Idaho. Besides the Idaho State University College of Technology, the operating partners include the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Partners for Prosperity - a community based organization serving Idaho with a mission to reduce poverty by building assets—including workforce development—for low income and working people.

The Center will have both an instructional and an industrial focus. The instructional focus of the program will result in six Associate of Applied Science degrees and one Technical Certificate integrating the education and training required for graduates to maintain legacy plants as well as to install and test components in new plants in the areas of:

Complementing the instructional focus of the Center, the industrial focus will be on applied industrial research and increasing ties to INL, electrical utilities and energy systems-related product vendors. Students and faculty will work with industry to demonstrate, test, and innovate current components and systems as well as to develop and test new products (components, instrumentation, control systems, etc.) in a controlled and well-instrumented environment. Students and faculty will be used to develop testing regimens/protocols and to measure and trend subject component performance and functional capacity. This is a learning activity for students and will comprise a continuous learning opportunity and environment for instructional staff.

The ESTEC Mission

Cultivate the people, educational resources and applied research capabilities necessary to improve the local, regional and national availability of trained workers in support of the construction, operation, and maintenance of current and future energy facilities and occupations.

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