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Energy Systems Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology

About the Occupation

An Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) technician is responsible for calibrating, testing, troubleshooting, reworking, modifying and inspecting power plant instrumentation and control components and systems. An I&C technician must be able to measure and maintain the reliability and performance of power plant control systems and instruments involving such work as inspecting, testing and diagnosing the operation conditions of the various plant components.

Program Description

Energy Systems Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology (I&C) prepares students to enter the energy workforce in areas that work with equipment measuring the operating parameters of a power plant, control systems that operate the plant and keep it running safely, and communications and data equipment used to monitor plant equipment.

Career Opportunities

  • Power generating plants using coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, concentrated solar, and wind
  • Industrial facilities
  • Levels of employment include technician, journeyman, group leader, group supervisor, or group manager.

Certificates and Degrees

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science

Program Options and Length

  • Program accepts 10 new students in both August and January.
  • Program duration is four semesters plus one summer, 17+ credits per semester, 6 credits in summer.

Cost of Attendance

Fees apply to the current Idaho State University fee schedule which includes mandatory student health insurance. Students with existing health insurance coverage may waive student health insurance. Waivers are available at

Paying for College

You may apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans to help finance your college education. When you pay registration fees, you are a student of Idaho State University with the privileges and responsibilities of a college student.

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