Custodial Main Line: 282-2394

Custodial Services Manager: Sheila Lukenbill, 282-3086
Office Specialist: Dianna Brush
Equipment Repair: Ryan Marley
Storekeeper: Mark Stuckey
Recycling Leadworker: Stephen McMichael
Custodial Leadworkers: Melanie Burge, Camille Clark, Moses Collier, Benjamin Cowell, Jennifer Otte, Alberta Rhoades, Ray Skeem, Steven Taryole, Yvette Thomas

The custodial department cleans and maintains all of the academic areas on campus, which entails more than 2.9 million square feet. Each of our custodians maintains anywhere from 20K-42K square feet daily. We are not only responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of these areas but also for the security and evening lock down. Our staff attends regularly scheduled training workshops and monthly safety meetings in order to keep them updated to the latest in equipment and cleaning materials and supplies. We currently employ over 70 full time employees and anywhere from 20-40 student custodians.

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We are coming into our third year of our recycling program, which was implemented by our department and has been going strong. We are also looking into the future with testing new water free urinals, which would save thousands of gallons of water daily, and the latest in Dyson technology, the air blade hand dryers which would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper towels and remove used towels from the waste stream. We strive to find better and more efficient ways to do our jobs, conserve energy and resources, and reduce waste for the future.

Central collection areas (CCA) have been established in most buildings, where recycling can be deposited. The custodians generally take the collected materials from the CCA to the outside pick-up areas to be collected every day of the week. We can also provide some temporary containers for large clean out projects upon request.

Recyclable Materials

Non-Recyclable Materials


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209