Planning, Design, & Construction (PDC) Main Line: 282-2784

Director of Engineering, Design & Construction: Jason Adams, 282-4710
Associate Director of Planning, Design, & Construction: Jen Hunt, 282-4572
Project Manager: Herb Yee, 282-4621
Architectural Drafter/Project Coordinator: Josh Scoffield, 282-2887

The Planning, Design, & Construction department can assist you with building floor plans, cost estimates, code requirements, space modifications, remodels, additions, and even new buildings.

Project Management

ISU project managers handle all the planning and design of remodels that take place at the university. Projects can range from large capital improvements to smaller in-house projects. The list of large capital projects is compiled with input from each college/division on campus and goes through an approval process in order to keep in line with the university's core themes and goals. With licensed architects and engineers on staff, and a very experienced drafter, the project management team is able to handle most everything that comes our way.

In progress projects and recent accomplishments:

Common Questions:

Q: How do I get projects on the capital project list (DPW list)?
A: Every year the project list is reviewed by the administration. Projects can be added to the list by going through your respective chair or dean.

Q: If I would like to remodel some of my space how do I get started?
A: You can always call the PDC main line but you will start most projects with a PSR form.

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Space Management

The Facilities Planner is the first point of contact in the project & space request (PSR) process. The Facilities Planner is responsible for tracking and reporting of all university owned space. We maintain an active database of departmental space in order to provide quick and accurate information to the campus community. Using this information allows the university to plan for the future and accommodate the needs that will arise. The Facilities Planner also works closely with the Architectural Drafter to maintain accurate building plans for emergency planning, project planning and various other uses. To begin the project process, the project & space request form can be found here.

Examples of information available in the space management database:

Common Questions:

Q: If I submit a work request do I still need to submit a PSR form?
A: Yes, a PSR form should actually be submitted prior to the work request if you are changing the space use or modifying the space in any way.

Q: What if I just want an estimate; would a work request be sufficient?
A: No, a PSR form should be submitted because every project receives a feasibility study and an estimate is created prior to work commencing in any situation.

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