Grounds Main Line: 282-3833

Landscape Superintendent: Chris Wagner, 251-0307
Foremen: Dave Mitchell & Mike Stallsmith

The mission of the grounds department is to provide a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for students, faculty, staff, visitors, and the community to enjoy. The services provided include snow removal, lawn care, irrigation installation and maintenance, horticulture practices, new and improved water usage practices, campus forestry operations, sports turf care, event assistance, equipment maintenance, and landscape design and construction.

Common Questions:

Q: My relative/friend has a memorial/retirement tree on the ISU campus, how do I find it?
A: Check out the memorial and retirement tree map.

Q: Can I have a slip n slide on Bartz Field?
A: Yes you can however you must schedule it through Campus Recreation. If they ok it, please give the grounds department at least 3 days notice and we will provide the water supply and hose. Slip n slides are limited to a 2 hour duration to reduce the impact to the grass. There is a small fee to non-student groups. Groups are responsible for providing the slide and clean up.

Q: Do you work year-round?
A: The grounds department works year-round and never has a "slow" season.

Interesting Facts


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209