Safety Compliance & Inspections Main Line: 282-2784

Environmental and Safety Manager: Jennifer Parrott, 282-3498

Safety Inspections

We walk each campus building with city of Pocatello fire department, review reports returned from State of Idaho Department of Building Safety (DBS), and determine if work environments are in compliance with applicable industrial and occupational safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations. We ensure a safe atmosphere for the university community through education and training. We investigate and recommend alternatives with respect to safety and environmental compliance options. We also identify safety and health hazards, determine the severity of existing hazards, arrange for testing for potentially hazardous situations or the presence of hazards, and manage the process for correcting hazards.

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Some of the most common write-ups from DBS include:

Safety Compliance

We monitor accident prevention programs, make recommendations of preventative measures, establish and implement safety training programs, and conduct and arrange for in-service training of faculty, staff and students in the use of equipment and supplies in various environmental and industrial safety topics. We also manage the university's air quality permitting process with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We teach the Train-the-Trainer program with certification for safe operation of forklifts, confined space entry, Lockout-Tagout, and electrical safety.

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