Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what questions you have? Find the answers to some of our departments most frequently asked questions.

Q. Who do I contact if I'm locked outside of my building or office?
A. Call ISU Campus Security at 282-2515.

Q. Where would I look to see whether or not my department is going to be charged for a service?
A. See our Billable vs. Non-Billable Services page for details.

Q. How do I find out who is in charge of a specific department?
A. Find the "Departments" link in the left navigation menu to find department supervisors and contact information.

Q. I want to paint my office, do I need any approval or can I just go ahead with my paint brush?
A. All painting, or any maintenance or repairs, must be pre-approved by the Facilities Services Department. Submit a Work Order.

Q. What is the policy regarding putting up signs on campus?
A. Posting of signs outside the campus buildings must have prior approval. Call the Facilities Services office at 282-2784. Do not post signs on painted surfaces inside the buildings. For posting on bulletin boards, you must ask permission from the building departments. Do not post signs on building exteriors, light poles, and trees. State law prohibits the placing of fliers on vehicles in the parking lots.

Q. I am a student (graduate or undergraduate), am I allowed to request services?
A. No. Please contact your supervisor or advisor to put in a request for you. Housing students may submit work orders though the Housing Work Order System.

Q. I need an estimate on a project in my building. How do I start the process?
A. Please fill out the Estimates Order Form. Your department will not be charged for the estimate.

Q. What is a PSR and when do I need to fill one out?
A. The Project Space Request (PSR) Form is required for any non-maintenance space change and/or moving, change of space use, remodel, construction work, paint, carpet, and outdoor feature request. If you are not sure, please call the Planning Department in Facilities Services for assistance at 282-2784.

Q. What materials are recycled and where can we get recycling receptacles?
A. The Custodial Department currently recycles white paper, colored paper, shredded paper, news print, office pack (magazines), cardboard, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. For recycling questions and containers, contact the Custodial Department at 282-2394.

Q. I am planning an event on an area of the grounds. What policies do I need to follow?
A. Submit a Maintenance Request. Depending on your needs, your department may be charged.


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