Parents and Families

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Parents and Families

Moving Towards Your Educational Goals

Academic Support

Family members who know and understand the responsibilities and associated pressures that come with the pursuit of a college degree can support their student in intangible yet very meaningful ways. Reducing demands on their time, accommodating their need for a quiet environment, or tolerating a bit of irritability during final exams are a few examples of how families can help the college student succeed.

Equally necessary for success are the more tangible means of support. The university provides such services to assist all students in the attainment of their academic goal. Tutors, advisors, counselors, and faculty are available in a variety of departments across campus to provide individual and personal assistance. Numerous opportunities and resources to advance knowledge, to recreate, and to prepare for life after college are provided by the university. Families who encourage their student to seek out and make the time to use the academic and student life resources of the university are a true partner in their student's education.

As the mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, husband, or child of an ISU student, your support and understanding help your student make the most out of the college experience.

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