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Work-Study Employer Information

This web page is a general guide for employers wishing to participate in the Idaho State University Work-Study (WS) Program. It was designed to help you understand the basic requirements to qualify for the program and will outline your responsibilities as an employer.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is my business or organization eligible to participate in the Work-Study Program?
  2. How much does it really cost?
  3. Interested in hiring a WS Student?
  4. Employer's Responsibilities?
  5. Employer's Instructions

1. Is my business/organization eligible?

To be eligible an employer must be non-profit. Both the employer and the position(s) offered are considered when a school reviews eligibility.

The criteria considered in selecting employers includes:

2. How much does it really cost?

Federal Share/Employer Share of student compensation
The government share of CWS compensation paid to students may not exceed 60 percent. The institutional (employer's) share will be 40 percent, which will be paid by the departments or off-campus employers. The federal and institutional shares are expected to remain at the current 60/40 split for subsequent years. This is subject to change based upon actions taken by Congress and program reauthorization.

Work-study students must be paid at least minimum wage of $7.25, but employers have the discretion to pay more. Requests for exceptions should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources. As the employer, you are required to pay 40% of the student's gross wages. The ISU business office will bill you for your portion of the wages as the student's paycheck comes from ISU Payroll Office.

Time Cards
Timecards must be submitted online (on-campus participants) or submitted in paper form to the ISU Payroll Department (off-campus participants). Payroll will disburse work-study paychecks according to the payroll disbursement schedule.

Additionally, you will need to pay all the costs of employer benefits: Federal withholdings, Workmen's Compensation, Federal Social Security, and any other benefits required by law.

3. Interested in Hiring a Work-Study Student?

Determine your need for a student employee
Have a clear idea of the type of work you need performed. What are the minimum requirements needed to perform the job? Is the work appropriate for a college student? Are you a non-profit organization or government agency: If so.....

The letter should include:

Once you qualify as an off campus employer, the school will send you an Allocation Request Form (annually in March), and an Employer's Contract (annually in August)

Off-Campus Participants: Return Contracts to ISU Financial Aid Office.
When you receive the employer's contract there will be three copies. The authorized person should sign all three contracts. Once contracts have been signed, return all three employer's contract to the Financial Aid Office for the Idaho State University President's signature.
Return to the follow address:

Idaho State University
Financial Aid Office
921 S 8th, Stop 8077
Pocatello, Id 83209-8077

The school will review the forms, have the university president sign the contracts, and return one of the contracts to your office. If you have questions, please call 282-2756.

Interview the Candidates
Ask each student to provide you with written verification of work-study eligibility from their BengalWeb. In order to qualify for reimbursement, you must hire a college student who is "work-study eligible" through ISU.

Make your employment selection
Follow your standard personnel procedures. Upon hiring, complete the PARTS Form and submit it with the required New Hire Packet, Temp/Student Employees and the I-9 Form (if applicable) to Human Resources (HR). (Select the Forms menu (Manager Forms section) from the main page of the Human Resources website.)
*Note: If the student has worked for ISU within the last 3 years, they do not need to complete the new hire paperwork. If you have any questions, Please contact Human Resources at 282-2517.

4. Employer's Responsibilities

5. Employer's Instructions


Address questions regarding Work-Study to Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid Office...282-2756
Katheryn Wareing... 282-2227
Penny Monson... 282-2559


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209