Financial Aid

Looking for Fall 2016 Financial Aid?

When you have registered for fall semester classes and the Finance Office has posted fees to your account, you will see the amount due for your fees on the BengalWeb Finance tab (right hand column) in late July. Once you are awarded financial aid and have accepted your award, this is where you can expect to see financial aid applied towards the university charges.

Financial Services will apply the funds to University charges and disburse any remaining funds to the student. The New Loan Disbursement requirements may create a delayed disbursement for some students. Review New Loan Disbursement Rules. Check with Financial Services at (208) 282-3000 for "Delayed Disbursement Payment Plan".

This date for funds to transfer is accurate, if ALL of the statements below are true...

Note: If you have decided not to attend, be sure to drop all classes before the add/drop deadline as listed in the Academic Calendar and contact Admission at (208) 282-2475. Students may add/drop from a course via BengalWeb prior to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar.

If your Financial Aid is Not Ready - Need More Time to Pay?

*Grades will be checked for students who have existing Satisfactory Academic Progress holds, once grade posting is completed by the Registrar Office.


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