Financial Aid

Track FAFSA Processing - Use "Financial Aid Channels"

Must be Admitted to ISU

You must first be admitted to Idaho State University (ISU). Work directly with the Admissions Office to apply to ISU or call (208) 282-2475. Shortly after being admitted to ISU you will have access to BengalWeb.

Access BengalWeb Finance Tab

On the " Finance" tab in BengalWeb the following Financial Aid channels will assist you in processing the FAFSA once it has been received by the ISU Financial Aid Office.

I have Completed Entrance Counseling and the Promissory Note!
Why isn't the Requirement Satisfied in BengalWeb?

As a First Time Borrower, you may have completed the requirements for the Entrance Counseling and Promissory Note. They may still shows with a red flag next to the request in BengalWeb. These two requirements will be received by ISU Financial Aid Office in mid July. If you have completed the correct Entrance and Promissory Note (Graduate Plus vs Undergraduate) these will change to "green checks" mid July.

Additional Instructions..

Questions about Financial Aid? Contact the Financial Aid Office at 282-2756, or e-mail us.
For technical difficulties with your computer account, contact the IT Service Desk at 282-4357 (HELP), or e-mail them.


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