Financial Aid

2017-2018 Verification Forms

Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 - The federal government requires colleges to check the accuracy of the information you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This process is called verification. You must complete the verification process before the Office of Financial Aid can establish your eligibility for assistance.
NOTE: If you do not complete and return the Request Form AND THE REQUESTED DOCUMENTATION you will not be considered for federal financial aid. Please return required documents and information to:

Office of Financial Aid
Idaho State University
921 S 8th Ave, Stop 8077
Pocatello, ID 83209-8077
Fax (208)282-4755

The forms an individual will be required to provide will show as a link on the student's BengalWeb Finances Tab under Financial Aid Requirements Channel. You may also print the requested form from the list below and mail or fax it to our office WITH REQUESTED DOCUMENTATION.

You will need to have the Adobe Reader on your computer to access these documents.

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2017-2018 Forms

Active Bankruptcy Verification
Actual Student Expenses, Statement of - Available June 1, 2017
Birth Certificate Copy Request
Consortium Agreement
Deferment Forms - Determine & Contact your Servicer
Dependent Student Request For Unsubsidized Loan
Drug Abuse Clearance
Educational Purpose - Statement of
Emancipated Minor
Food Stamps Verification
Graduate Student PLUS Loan Application - Available June 1, 2017
GRE Fee Reduction Request
High School Completion
Household Size - Request to Correct
Legal Guardianship
Loan Default Removal
Loan Limit Problem Notice
Miscellaneous Document
Need Analysis for Tribal Funding
No Parent Information - Unusual Circumstance
Orphan, Ward of Court or in Foster Care
Overpayment, Federal Student Aid
Parent Additional Financial Information
Parent 2015 Federal Tax Transcript Request (Tax Returns NOT Accepted. IRS Tax Transcripts Required.)
Parent Household Size Verification
Parent Low Income Statement
Parent Marital Status
Parent Non-Tax Filer Income Request
Parent PLUS Loan Application - Available June 1, 2017
Parent Required to File Tax Return
Parent Social Security Info - Verification of
Parent Untaxed Income Request
Parent(s) Verification of Assets
Parents(s) W-2 Forms - Verification of Work
Petition to Apply for Financial Aid as an Independent Student
Praxis Test Fee Waiver Request
Prior Bachelor's Degree Document
Release of Financial Aid Information
Revision Request
Satisfactory Progress Forms
Selective Service
Signature Page
Special Circumstances (Parent) - Available June 1, 2017
Special Circumstances (Student) - Available June 1, 2017
Student Additional Financial Information
Student Household Size - Verification
Student Low Income Statement
Student Marriage License Copy Request
Student Non-Tax Filer Income Request
Student Required to File Tax Return
Student Social Security Information - Verification of
Student Untaxed Income Request
Student/Spouse Verification of Assets
Student/Spouse 2015 Federal Tax Transcript (Tax Returns NOT Accepted. IRS Tax Transcripts Required.)
Student/Spouse W-2 Forms - Verification of Work
Summer Session 2018 Information - Available March 1, 2018
Total and Permanent Disability
Unaccompanied Youth
Unusual Enrollment History
Verification of U.S. Citizenship - Eligible Non-Citizen Status
Veteran Discharge Form


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209