Financial Aid

Obtaining Loan Deferments

A deferment is a temporary suspension of a borrower's monthly loan payment. There are many different types of deferments available.

In-school Deferment (Six Credits or More)

If you are attending an eligible school on at least a half-time status you may qualify for in-School deferment*. This is usually reported automatically by the Registrar's Office.

*A student is eligible for loan deferment if they are seeking a degree and are registered in 6 credits as an undergraduate or 5 credits as a graduate student. Terms of Repeat Coursework apply.

For All Other Deferments (Military, Hardship, etc.) and Avoid Delinquency

Call your individual loan servicer. To determine your servicer, log into "Financial Aid Review" on
National Student Loan Data System...
You will need your FSA ID and can request one at

Need a Certificate of Enrollment?

This certificate can be obtained for health insurer or other companies that request proof of enrollment through your BengalWeb account. If you have further questions contact Registration and Records at (208) 282-2661.


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