Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Because the number of credits required by the University to earn a bachelor's degree has been lowered to 120, the Maximum Credits Attempted (150%) Standard in the Financial Aid SAP policy has been lowered from 192 to 180 credits beginning with the Fall 2011 semester.

Appeal Deadline to submit appeal forms

Appeal Policy and Forms



If an appeal is granted, the student will be placed on a SAP contract. At the end of the contract term, the student must be in compliance with SAP standards or have met the terms of the contract. If the student cannot be in compliance by the end of the contract term, the academic plan must indicate the term in which the student will be in compliance. The student must continue to follow the academic plan until both the proper GPA and the required completion rate of 67% of all credits attempted are achieved.

Students who are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) or are on a SAP contract may experience delays in receiving financial aid the following term. SAP standards and contract terms, including credits completed and grades, must be reviewed before the further financial aid can be disbursed. Students who are not in compliance will be denied future financial aid and may appeal. For further information see "Policy" above.

*Note: In all cases, the outcome of any appeal depends on the nature of the circumstances, the quality of documentation provided, how the circumstances are being resolved or managed, and how well the student has demonstrated whether good progress is being made toward earning a degree.

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