Financial Aid

TEACH Grant at ISU - Temporarily Unavailable

Steps & Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for TEACH Grant at ISU

Application Process

On TEACH Grant Home (left hand side of page) click " My TEACH Grant" and complete the following:

  1. Complete TEACH Grant Counseling each year you desire funding.
    Submit both the TEACH Grant Counseling confirmation page (which contains your information)
    and the TEACH Grant Application Form to the ISU Financial Aid Office to be awarded.
    This informs us of your application in the program.


  2. Once awarded the TEACH Grant, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to "Accept" the TEACH Grant in BengalWeb under the "Finance" tab - (center column, second channel down).
  3. A few days later you will receive an e-mail with instructions to complete your Agreement to Serve (ATS) on the TEACH Grant Home. Click "My TEACH Grant" on the left side of screen to locate. Within a few days the Financial Aid Office will receive electronic notification that you have completed this government form.

Additional Information

Summer TEACH Grant

If you have already completed the yearly TEACH GRANT Application and were awarded for fall or spring, but have not received the maximum yearly eligibility for TEACH, you can submit a Summer Supplement form (available early March). Indicate on the form that you would like additional TEACH GRANT for Summer and submit only after you are pre-registered for your summer core. We will review your request and notify you of the decision. Eligibility Requirements remain the same as fall and spring.


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