Financial Aid

Work-Study Student's Responsibilities

Signing Up for Payroll
The employer must complete a PARTS form and submit it with the required New Hire Packet, Temp/Student Employees and the I-9 Form (if applicable) to Human Resources (HR). (Select the Forms menu (Manager Forms section) from the main page of the Human Resources website.) For off-campus participants, students may need to obtain from HR a PARTS form to provide to the off-campus employer. Human Resources needs this information in order to set up the student employee in the University's personnel system. Students need to be set up in this system to be paid. The PARTS form must be completed and submitted to HR prior to the employee commencing work.

Pay Checks
Pay checks are available at the Cashier's office in the Administration Building on scheduled pay day. Students must show photo identification to pick up checks. Checks may be mailed to out of town addresses if the original timecard was singed by the student and a stamped, self-addressed envelope was turned in with the timecard. If a student's timecard does not meet the deadlines for submission to Payroll, the student's pay check will not be available until the next pay date. In cases where this creates a genuine hardship an advance against this money already earned may be possible, upon approval from Payroll.

Student/Employee Expectations
Students who withdraw or reduce their level of enrollment to less than half time must be terminated from Work-Study (WS) employment. As employees of Idaho State University, Work-Study employees are expected to extend their employing departments certain courtesies: two weeks advance notice if terminating position, advance notification if unable to meet scheduled work time, and appropriate dress for scheduled duties. Please meet with supervisors to become familiar with departmental requirements. Work-Study employees serve at the discretion of the employing department. Students should give employers a current class schedules and notify them immediately of any changes in class or Work-Study award.

Award Limit
It is the responsibility of the student and employer to ensure that the student does not exceed his/her WS Award limit. The departments are responsible for obtaining from the student the verification of their total work-study award and to keep records of the amount paid to each student (at 100% of gross wages) for this purpose. Employer's allocation and the student's WS award are stated at 100% (including both the Employer's 40% and WS program's 60%). If this amount is exceeded and the student has no more eligibility, the department will be responsible for the wages at 100%.

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