International Student Payment with Foreign Currency

Student Financial Services

International Students – If you are an international student, you now have the option to use the international student payment method, “Pay with Foreign Currency” in CASHNet to pay for all charges on your student account (e.g. tuition, course/program fees, and residence charges). To get started,  login into your BengalWeb account, go to the Finances tab and click on the link “Pay Now via CASHNet”.


New payment option available for International students at Idaho State University.  You can now use the “Pay with Foreign Currency” international student payment method for all student account charges.

  • You can pay your student bills in the currency of your choice
  • There are no transaction charges from Idaho State University or Western Union Business Solutions
  • Exchange rates are typically more competitive when compared to your local bank rates for international wire transfers
  • Bank service fees are often reduced because the transaction is being initiated as a local transfer
  • Payments received will include reference information so that your payment is applied to your student account quickly.  PLEASE ALLOW 5 OR MORE BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE A PAYMENT DEADLINE TO MAKE SURE THE PAYMENT IS POSTED TO YOUR BENGALWEB ACCOUNT IN TIME!
  • By selecting this payment option in CASHNet you will have a “Pending” payment in CASHNet to signify that you have begun the process.  PENDING Travelex payments do not release holds, permit registration for classes, or credit your BengalWeb account.


The following instructions will provide you with the information necessary for making payment to Idaho State University through Travelex:

Step 1.  Login to your BengalWeb account and go the Finances tab.
Step 2.  Go to the Online Fee Payment section and click on the link “Pay Now via CASHNet”.
Step 3.  In the Your Account section click on “Click here to make a payment”.
Step 4.  Click on "Tuition and Fees", add to your shopping cart, and checkout.
Step 5.  Select “Pay with Foreign Currency” as your payment method.
Step 6.  Select your currency to see your total and follow the steps to lock in your exchange rate.  If your
             currency is not listed; you may select US Dollar and have your transaction processed in US
Step 7.  Print the document generated when at the end of this process.
Step 8.  Take the document to your bank within 3 days and instruct them to make the payment.  The
             rate will remain valid for 72 hours from the time indicated on the payment instruction sheet
             at the end of this process.

That’s it! Idaho State University will post the U.S. Dollar equivalent to your student account once the funds are received, generally 2 to 5 business days after your local bank initiates payment.


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