Grants and Contracts Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I just received a new award for a sponsored project. What forms will I need to submit to establish a new index?

A: You will need to complete the Unrelated Business Income Tax Form (UBIT) and the New Account Request Form (NARF).

Q: How do I get paid from my grant?

A: Once you receive sponsored project funding that will pay part or all of your salary, you will need to complete and submit a PR form setting out a portion of your salary to the grant index. If your project starts during the academic year, you can submit a Temporary Change in Distribution form. For temporary employees and students, their payroll needs to be distributed on a PARTS form (Personnel Action Request Form for Temporary and Student Workers).

Q: What do I do if my grant budget is wrong?

A: Contact the Grants and Contracts Accounting Office. The Grant Accounting Staff can make sure that the budget entered for that grant code is the appropriate budget for that project.

Q: I am the PI for a sponsored project, and have a question regarding my budget. I'm not sure which Grants and Contracts Accounting staff member monitors my index. How do I find out?

A: Each department has a Grants and Contracts accounting staff member who oversees their indexes and can assist with questions. For a list of the Accounting Staff by department, please see this link.

Q: What are Allowable Costs?

A: Circular A-21 lists factors that affect the allowability of costs:

  • They must be reasonable. They need to be able to withstand public scrutiny. Would an objective individual not associated with the project agree that the cost is appropriate? Would it meet a newspaper test?
  • Is the cost necessary for the project?
  • Costs must be allocable (chargeable or assignable). Can the expenses be attributed to just one project, or should they be distributed fairly between multiple projects?
  • They must be given consistent treatment throughout our institution.
  • They must conform with the terms and conditions of the sponsored agreement.
  • Circular A-110 also indicates that the costs need to be incurred within the project period.




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