Payroll and Benefits

Payroll at Idaho State University is on a bi-weekly pay schedule with payments made to employees every other Friday. All employees receive pay on Friday for the previous two weeks, i.e., a two-week lag.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the process by which the university deposits your paycheck directly into your checking or savings account. Direct deposit is the preferred method of payment for ISU employees. There are several benefits to direct deposit:

  • Direct deposit is safe because your pay is automatically deposited into your account on pay day
    • no worrying about lost or stolen checks.
  • Direct deposit is fast because your check is instantly deposited into your account and available on pay day
    • no standing in long bank lines or waiting for your check to clear.
  • Direct deposit is simple because your pay is deposited into your checking or savings account on time, correctly and confidentially.
  • Direct deposit is convenient because your paycheck can be deposited into more than one banking institution or account.


Adjunct Contract Payroll Dates


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