Pre-Registration Blocks

Students are blocked from pre-registration for future semesters until they have taken care of past due debts owed to the University. If a student has a warning on their account they are allowed to pre-register, but they receive a message to contact Finance and Administration concerning outstanding issues.

Blocked, not allowed to pre-register

"SORRY: You have a Finance and Administration block, Registration not allowed"

Generally, Finance and Administration blocks fall into one of the following categories:

Warned, but allowed to pre-register

"Please contact Finance and Administration for outstanding issues, 282-3935"

Your account has a "Warning" placed on it because of past due amounts in excess of $200 or other pending issues or concerns.

In some situations a Finance and Administration warning flag may relate to other issues such as class level, advisor block, etc.

If you feel you have been blocked from pre-registration in error, please call 282-3935 or 282-2790.