Summer Session 2013

Tuition and Fee Payment Information

Fee processing for Summer 2013 begins in April 2013.  Billing information is available on BengalWeb. Bills are no longer mailed to students. Students who pre-register shortly before their classes start should pay fees on-line or at the Cashier's Office by Monday of the first week of class.  Students should check on the web site or in person to verify fee payment and registration in classes.  Payments or qualified authorizations made by employers or other sponsoring agencies and received by the due date in ISU Finance and Administration are posted to the student's account when received. Students should verify payment, and provide a copy of the authorization if payment is not yet posted to their account to avoid late fees.

Summer Session fees are charged with the following adjustments: Full-time semester fees are charged to PharmD clerkship students, Physician Assistant students, and Boise Fast-Track Nursing students. Full-time session fees are charged to College of Technology students taking 6 credits or more in the CTech classes. Credit hour rates are charged for summer academic classes and CTech classes when students are taking less than 6 CTech credits (up to the full-time rate for CTech session). During the summer non-resident fees are not charged to students charged at the credit hour rate. The rates are listed in the cost information for 2012-2013.

Financial Aid processing begins Wednesday, May 15, 2013, for students who completed the requirements for Summer financial aid by May 14, 2013, and whose classes begin May 20. Financial aid will normally be processed up to 5 days before classes begin for an individual. Refunds will be delivered by eRefund or by mail. Please refer to BengalWeb (Finances tab) for billing, financial aid and online payment information. All refund processing is done in Pocatello, with eRefunds deposited or checks mailed as appropriate.

Installment payment plans are available for Summer Session beginning May 15 on BengalWeb. These loans require at least a 33% down payment. There is no interest charge, but there is a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee. Scheduled payments will be June 20 and July 5.

A $50 late handling fee will be charged to students paying fees after Monday of the first week of classes.

Late registration and/or fee payment after the last day to withdraw from class is by permission only. A late re-enrollment petition will be required of those students who have not paid fees by the last day to withdraw, and a $100 late fee will be charged .

Student Health Insurance Information

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for students at ISU. Students who document personal health insurance coverage are eligible to have the insurance premium of $462 waived. To document personal insurance coverage on-line, log on to Students who paid for student health insurance of $925 for Spring Semester 2013 have coverage through Summer Session 2013, and will not be charged the student insurance for Summer Session. Students who waived insurance in Spring 2013 will also have the insurance waived for Summer 2013.

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